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M. Played:  01-01-1970

Closing:     01-01-1970
                       GMT 00:00:00

Week Info:

SPORTALYS allow you to take Pools to highest level to allow you make the REAL BIG MONEY.



Rules Info

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Rules of this Coupon

  • Plans and Charts are not accepted.
  • Panel results accepted.
  • Payments will not be made on Early kick off before closing Time, and abandoned matches before half-time result.
  • We pay with late kick off, and Friday matches staked before noon on Fridays.

How to Stake?

  • Choose the mode of this coupon you want to stake by clicking the box bellow NAP / PERM.
  • Select the numbers you want to stake by clicking the boxes adjacent to such numbers.
  • Type in the total amount you want to stake with in the box below TOTAL AMOUNT to stake. Don't bother yourself about the amount per line.
  • To confirm and submit your coupon, click the STAKE BUTTON. Be sure you cross-check the numbers you have selected before clicking the STAKE button. Coupons confirmed CANNOT BE CHANGED.